So…what’s going on?

To all interested parties –

This is my very first blog! I’ve kept various diaries and journals since I was 8 and this is sort of like that, right?

Well, the simple answer is yes, but for my purposes, the answer is a little odd. Instead of writing about the mundane details of my life (which I might still do on occasion), I will be using this space to record bits and pieces of this thing UMaine refers to as a “capstone.”

What’s a “capstone?” Is this an architectural metaphor? Well, no. It’s simply my senior research project. Every student in the marine sciences program (and others) must complete one.  I am famous for starting and completing papers at the last minute, so to avoid a massive heart attack come April, I plan on tricking myself into thinking I’m “blogging” when in actuality I’ll be constructing, paragraph by tedious paragraph, the paper to end all papers.

I’ll give out the nitty-gritty details on my hypothesis in my next entry!



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