A Case For the Glass Straw


If you think this is going to be another rant about another wasteful, single-use plastic items…you’re kind of right, but it’s more than just that.

Ranting is fine and all, but I want to help you, my dear readers figure out solutions to this big plastic world we find ourselves in. I know from experience that rants work well at holding people’s attention, but after those initial 10 minutes, interest starts to wane.

So, I want your full, undivided attention on this one (please). Why? Because straws matter! Don’t think so? Please direct your mouse device to click here.

Here we go, Let’s start with a not-so-fun fact:

Plastic straws are made from polyolefins. Say whaaaaat? Polyole-huh? Since we’re veering into dangerous territory here (chemistry is my arch-nemesis) let’s just summarize: polyolefins are synthetic polymers, usually composed of polypropylene or polyethylene. Well, that’s obvious, them being plastic straws and all. Get to the point, Ryan…

Here’s the crazy part that nobody thinks about when they’re sucking down a delicious fruit smoothie or glass of ice-cold water: that plastic and those polyolefins? They come from fossil fuels. As in, the same thing we’re spewing into the atmosphere every time we turn our cars on. As in, the very same fossil fuels that climate scientists keep telling us to emit less of by driving less and biking more.

Well, how’s this for climate science? Stop using plastic straws. Not only are you polluting the air, water and land by using and disposing those bits of plastic, but you’re also not doing your body any favors. Think this is trivial? Consider then what else goes into making these “disposable” plastic items. Things like colorants, plasticizers and ultraviolet light filters (?!?!). Mmm…I’d love my margarita with extra plasticizers please.

If you’re about to throw your hands up in despair, shouting to the heavens, “Why does the world suck?!” (ha…puns) fear not! There are other options out there and they’re wonderful, awesome and beautiful. The first! Simply go without. It’s really easy, I assure you. Think about how easy it is for people to say, “I’d like a cheeseburger, but could you hold the pickles?” or “Can I get my burrito without cheese or sour cream?” Well…this is the same thing. If you choose to have your drink plastic and fossil-fuel free, the “I don’t need a straw” mantra becomes second nature.

Glass Straws Through the Years

But, if you must have a straw – because let’s face it: sometimes drinks are just cooler with straws –  you might want to get on the Google machine and check out all the reusables out there. In my kitchen, I have a combination of stainless steel straws and a handful of pretty glass ones. There are also paper options and a growing number of companies doing glass. If you’re on a budget, no problem: check out the Earth Day promotion Glass Dharma’s got goin’ on!

The deal: All you have to do is either write a quick 100-200 word snippet OR make a short 1-3 minute video about why you love glass straws, why you love the idea of reusable straws or why you’d love a glass straw for your very own. As is the case with cold, refreshing beverages, the possibilities are endless. First 1,000 entries receive a totally free, totally beautiful reusable glass straw!

Happy sippin’, everyone! I’ll take my margarita sans petroleum, please. 🙂


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