After the chaos of graduation and moving, I finally have some time to play catch up! May was a crazy month but June is turning out to be pretty relaxing, all things considered.

Let’s start off with the most important: I graduated! After four incredibly fast years at UMaine, I now hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Science. I’m very proud of my accomplishment and am incredibly excited to be out of school and in “the real world.”

I’ve since moved to Burlington, VT and am quite enjoying the Green Mountain State! Still on the hunt for a job, but that will come in time. (Anybody have any helpful hints on that front?)

Also exciting is that I will be teaming up with Glass Dharma to guest-blog on their blog, Sip the World!Β For those that haven’t heard of this amazing company, they are the creators of the original glass straw. Not only does a glass straw reduce unnecessary plastic usage, but it also makes a statement about being environmentally conscious.

They’re also gorgeous and really, really cool.

Look for my post at Glass Dharma, coming this month!


2 thoughts on “Update!

  1. Congrats on a huge accomplishment from GlassDharma! Our staff parents many offspring in college/recently graduated, so we understand the determindation that you have to be where you are!

    Thank you for seeing beyond the sales of a straw and into the company of GlassDharma and the mission it generates…

    Vermont sounds beautful and I’m sure you will be very happy there.

    The perfect job will present itself at the perfect moment! I remind my own adult children that viewing a troubled economy through the eyes of our media with visions of lines of people waiting for jobs takes away from the true vision of what YOU have to offer the workforce. No doubt many open doors await you for your choosing. Keep your perspective, you are the catalyst for the recovering economy. The world is your oyster!

    Thank you for your contribution as a consultant of GlassDharma in the field of Marine Science. We are quickly uniting brilliant minds that are motivated by caring for our Planet.

    We are looking forward to your guest post on “sip the world. it’s worth it.”

    My Best, Cheryl


  2. Wooo hooo!!!! Congratulations, Ryan!!! That’s quite an accomplishment!

    We love GlassDharma! What an exciting opportunity! Can’t wait to read your guest post!

    All the best! πŸ™‚ Kate


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