Plastic Slap In the Face

Plastic Slap In the Face

Oh, the irony: smiling, happy faces stamped on plastic bottle caps don’t belong in the belly of a baby albatross. They shouldn’t exist in the first place!

This is what insanity looks like.


One thought on “Plastic Slap In the Face

  1. Christine Graham

    Ryan, you need to write a book about this trip…..or an article for some very well-distributed magazine, I doubt anyone would believe it. The picture of that bird and the crap from inside it is heartbreaking! On a similar subject you might like to read a book just released by a friend of mine, matt Rigney; the book is called In Pursuit of Giants, and it is about the ocean’s largest fish and how we are eliminating them….
    hope there are some saving graces about your visit, not all horrors like this one….Christine


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