Midway Street View!

See that cute little duplex? That’s where I lived on Midway. Say whaaaaat?! Yeah! I kid you not. The side with the random blue boogie board was home to all of Midway’s eager volunteers and we loved that place oh-so-much.

Thanks to the power of Google, now you guys can see the island from my point of view (virtual biking, if you will) all without ever leaving your house! This is really great news because it means that a place that has been quite inaccessible to most in the past is now a little easier to “get to.” I was fortunate enough to be on-island when the Google guy and his awesome, totally rockin’ trike came out to map out the entirety of Sand Island and man, was it cool. I mean, it’s all there. Everything! We volunteers even make an appearance, photobombing bits of the island at random. When all was said and done, our trike-rider had clocked 80+ miles, just from circling the island. I know; crazy, right?

So have a seat, relax and start wasting time at work hopping around the island. Enjoy the views! And if you see someone wearing a black-and-white striped hat randomly in your street-view wanderings, well…just think of it as a “Where’s Waldo?” game, 7 In the Ocean-style . 😉


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