The Dirty Side of Recycling

Something I have found while researching the recycling business is that we, the consumers, often have no idea where our recycling goes after it leaves the curb, sorted as we have been told, in corresponding bins. This is something I would like to look into because I, to be honest, have not figured out whether or not my recycling  stays in the state of Maine after collection.

According to Sky News, a British news company, waste from the UK ends up in CHINA. The recycling doesn’t even stay in the country! This situation is mirrored in other countries as well and a big contributor? That’s right, the USA. Like everything else, we export our TRASH to China, because it is cheaper to do than to establish facilities in our own country. This is an aspect of recycling that needs serious revision. The “out of sight, out of mind” principle needs to stop: we’re hurting other people with our waste.

Check out the video, which I found through a fellow blogger’s site (Fake Plastic Fish). What is encouraging is that after watching this video, it makes me want to really and truly understand where my trash goes, so I can become a more informed consumer.

Green Britain: Are You Poisoning China?


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