The tragedy that no one sees…

Chris Jordan, an amazing photographer of visual statistics, ventured to Midway Atoll and created a six-minute video depicting baby albatross that have died from ingesting plastic debris. Our waste is ending up on these very remote places and having an unfortunate, lasting impact. Sadly, not many people see this problem and like a lot of issues, goes unnoticed. The message needs to get out there that we are having an effect on places we cannot even see.

A bit about Midway Atoll:

It is so named due to its location – “midway” between North America and Asia. The reason this atoll is significant is because it is home to over half of the world’s Laysan Albatross population as well over 250 species of marine life that are located on or around the atoll. The plastic debris issue is magnified on Midway Atoll, where the debris will accumulate and will be ingested by all of its many inhabitants.

Midway. Message from the Gyre

Chris Jordan


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