Recycle…Get Paid?

If any of you don’t know about the Surfrider Foundation yet, check out the link. They’re a group dedicated solely to protecting our beaches and oceans and they have awesome newsletters. They literally cover every topic, from fishing bans to the various types of pollution we’re dumping into the water.

I got this gem from this week’s newsletter:

Imagine…getting paid to recycle. No, not for returning your 5 cent bottles. For simply taking your recycling out on garbage day. The city of Los Angeles will be partnering with RecycleBank to start up a pilot program where residents will get paid to recycle.

Check it out: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Get Paid (note, I did not come up with that catchy phrase, that’s all Surfrider!)

I think this is awesome. Incentives are a fantastic way to get people aware and involved!


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