The Christmas Post That Wasn’t

Three weeks after Christmas…

So why am I even bothering writing a post about Christmas when it’s mid-January? Because my Christmas was too awesome not to write about! Yes, there were great gifts (more on that in a minute) but there were also great friends, family and more food than I care to think about.

Christmas Goodies!

Not only did I get to visit two states between Christmas and New Years, I also made enough Christmas cookies to outfit a small army and got to run with my dad almost every day. Perhaps best of all, though, was our family challenge: buy “Made In America” presents for each other. It turned gift hunting into a fun challenge and made for a really rewarding Christmas Day. Plus, getting gifts made right here in the states often times means less packaging and…less plastic! Double win. Highlights on my end included wool running socks made in Tennessee, Pangea Organics facial cleanser (Colorado), Organic Essence lip balm (my new favorite stocking stuffer!) and handmade earrings by my wonderful college roommate Carlie. Love, love, love.

And the week before Christmas, I got a surprise package in the mail from Glass Dharma with a beautiful sampler of straws, all tied up nice and looking festive. But I couldn’t keep them all to myself, so two of the straws became gifts. Thank you, Glass Dharma, for helping me pass along some Christmas cheer with a plastic-free message!

While not all of the wonderful gifts I received were made in the states, there is one in particular that I need to mention. So, lest I forget, how about we talk about the completely plastic-free Yogasana woven cotton yoga mat sitting in my bedroom right now? A Daily Grommet find that I’ve been drooling over for months is now finally, thankfully mine! Hand-woven in India over the course of 3 days with all-natural dyes, this yoga mat is beautiful, sturdy and something I will always cherish. I tested it out recently during a skier/rider yoga sesh at Burlington Yoga and it performed fantastically.

So after Christmas, I loaded my car up with everything awesome and great and headed to Maine, where I presented Craig’s parents with my first ever homemade cheesecake, which was a big hit. Delicious, creamy and totally unhealthy but 100% DIY! What followed was…yep, you guessed it: more food and more hanging out.

Christmas at the Copes

In conclusion, I can officially say that this Christmas and New Years will go on record as the best ever (I think I say this every year but this year I really mean it). My family and I have started a new tradition that has brought us closer and with a greater appreciation of the stuff in our lives. I realized how fortunate I am and how awesome my friends are.

The end-of-the-year holidays are always a fun time but this year they just felt…special. That feeling has perpetuated into the new year, making for a fantastic start to 2012.

Happy (plastic-free) New Year, all! 🙂


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