Mushroom Pasta & A Story

Once upon a time, I started this blog with the intention of sharing my progress towards completing my senior thesis while an undergrad at The University of Maine. It has now been 7 years since us Class of 2010-ers were released into the real world. Since then, I’ve learned a few things:

  1. The real world is really nuts. It’s still amazing to me that we spend 10+ years of our lives in a school system and then are expected to function in society as a normal human…when we’ve been in school for so long and nobody taught us how to actually LIVE in said real world. Does that make any kind of sense?
  2. I really love to cook. Thanks, Mom! πŸ˜„
  3. Holy f*ck, this plastic pollution problem is a lot more complicated than I originally thought.

Where am I going with this?

Simply put: over the last 7 years, my interest in the issue I had written my final paper on (plastic pollution) has shifted and thank goodness for the chaos of the real world or I wouldn’t have made the connections between our waste and food problems!

So what did I do about all this? I started another blog, of course. 😝 This one was all about my Instagrammed-meals and it eventually morphed into an attempt at vegan, plastic-free food creation. But for some reason, I kept these two blogs separate from each other until…

…I realized that my these two areas (food and plastic) are so intertwined, to not talk about them on the same platform would be absurd. My present goal is to bring more awareness to the issue of plastic pollution by talking about’s the deal: moving forward, this blog, my dear 7 In the Ocean, is going to morph, once again! It will still be my place to rant about all things plastic, but I will also share recipes, and ideas on how to make said recipes plastic-free experiences.

Oh yeah, and about that mushroom pasta…I made it for dinner tonight (Thanks, The Kitchn!) and it’s what inspired this post. The whole thing was simple, fast, and totally delicious which is what I love about cooking. It doesn’t have to be complicated and in most cases, it can be waste-less without really trying hard!

Hints: The mushrooms can be purchased in a paper bag (or in your own bag) and the pasta can be purchased in bulk. The butter is butter (I sometimes freeze the paper wrapping for use later greasing pans) and that’s IT people!

Dig IN and stay tuned for more food ramblings… 😊❀️


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